Talith Art Del
Lilith the Quing

Transdisciplinary artist from Brazil based in Berlin. I’m mostly known for my drag persona Lilith the Quing, but I’m also a writer, educator, club kid, host and much, much more. Scroll down if you dare to know more!



Show from BRAG Kultur collective

19h at Silver Future 

Suggested donation 10 euros


Performance at Showstoppers hosted by Coco Klein at Tipsy Bear

Performance at Hive Tea, hosted by Alexander Cameltoe at Klukerkranich

Performing and hosting my own drag birthday at Tipsy Bear Berlinlilith on stage

Talith who?

I am a genderfluid white able-bodied neurodivergent Brazilian transdisciplinary artist based in Berlin. Above anything, I’m a storyteller and I use different media to shape my stories, being the main ones writing and performing. In the performances, I usually make my own costumes, edit the music, conceptualise, choreograph and infuse them with educational and political messages.

I’m a drag performer, host, actor, model, gogo/dyke* dancer, clubkid, produce and direct shows, write scripts, plays, essays and poetry, produce events, teach workshops, do academic research, and if there’s something else I didn’t list here you feel I could do, ask me because I might!

The universe is infinite and so is my will to try new things!

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