My name is Talith. I am a genderfluid white able-bodied neurodivergent Brazilian transdisciplinary artist based in Berlin. Above anything, I'm a storyteller and I use different media to shape my stories, being the main ones writing and performing. In the performances, I usually make my own costumes, edit the music, conceptualise, choreograph and infuse them with educational and political messages.

lilith on stage

My drag persona is Lilith the Quing – a creature of chaos with a touch of drama, camp, and provocative and a pinch of fairy tale, astrology, and magic.


Lilith the Quing is the sweetest demon you'll ever meet. They ran away from the garden of Eden to explore what they weren't allowed to be and now they come to extinguish the patriarchy, celebrate queerness and make you eat that forbidden fruit of knowledge 🍑 and make you question what is good and evil and all other binaries.