Talith the Artist

Drag Personas

Lilith the Quing

My main drag persona is Lilith the Quing – a creature of chaos with a touch of drama, camp, and provocative and a pinch of fairy tale, astrology, and magic.

Lilith the Quing is the sweetest demon you’ll ever meet. They ran away from the garden of Eden to explore what they weren’t allowed to be and now they come to extinguish the patriarchy, celebrate queerness and make you eat that forbidden fruit of knowledge and make you question what is good and evil and all other binaries.

Ken Marroska

Ken Marroska is a Brazilian sensation, a classic carioca fuckboi who loves to dance with malemolência and to seduce everyone with his malice and easygoing style of someone who grew up near the beach. Aérodinâmica João

Talith the Host

There’s a lot of responsibility on hosting a room, having a microphone means having a platform and I try to use mine to not only cheer up and warm the crowd for the shows, but also to remind people of their own responsibilities on making the event safer and creating a better environment, which everyone can do by being kind and taking care of each other.

I started hosting shows in 2021 during the lockdown, on an online livestream with the Venus Boys. My first live show with an audience was the Venus Boys Fluidity Show, which was a project uniting my two collectives at the time, my passion for drag, raving and queer celebration, it was truly a dream come true, because it was also free entry, as it was funded by draussenstadt. Since then I’ve hosted shows like Showstoppers and König (together with Buba Sababa) at Tipsy BearPOPPERS (together with Bleach) and Lesbos at Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke; Gender Euphoria (produced together with Kaputino), Visible Queers, and Border Ctrl (together with Angelo Dynamo) at Silverfuture; kept going with Fluidity at Re:mise and had a collab with GEGEN at RSO Berlin; No Homo, a drag king show I started producing at Pepsi Boston Bar and Tipsy BearBRag Kultur at SilverFuture and Tipsy Bear; and had the most absolute honour of hosting a part of the Internationalist Queer Pride Berlin 2023 together with La Papi Patacón.

My passion for hosting came from an early age, I used to participate with my parents in events regarding environmental issues of the Serra da Mantiqueira, where I grew up in Brazil, and since I’m a child I’ve been taking the microphone and using my voice to share, educate, inspire and learn together with different groups of people.

Collectives & Groups

BRAG Kultur

Brasilianische Drags involving in/auf/em Berlin


fluid.vision is a queer collective creating new rave experiences in Berlin.

Magic Dyke*

Magic Dyke* is a masc stripping group based in Berlin by and for lesbians, queer women, non-binary, trans and intersex people. We strive to show masculine stripping or “Magic Mike” dancing from non-cis masculinities.

venus boys logo

Venus Boys (inactive)

A collective of Berlin based Drag performers who paint from the palette of performative masculinity.
Kings, dads, lords, lads, fags, dykes and gods. 

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